We help you be Covid-Ready with PPF Disinfect

PPF are experts in hypochlorous acid (HOCL) disinfection technology. We also know HOCL is one of the best products in the world for killing Covid-19. That’s a fact backed up by all scientists, institutions and governments globally.

These extremely effective disinfectants are simple to use. They are also one of the most effective products in the world. Further, they kill faster than most products available. Yet, they are completely safe and require no specialist training or PPE.

This is a fact proven out by our research and our blue chip clients who have been using this technology before Covid-19 was even visible.

Finally, our philosophy is to help you develop a sustainable, cost-effective disinfection strategy. By combining our disinfectant with efficient fogging systems we minimise the time taken to achieve a safe, low risk environment for your staff and customers.

So, why wouldn’t we be enthusiastic about providing PPF Disinfect to you?

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