The Difference between PPF Disinfect and the Rest

Most hypochlorous acid based disinfectants on the market have a limited shelf life of 30-60 days. Further, consider a product like bleach which begins to lose its efficacy at around 6 months after opening. This means they are less effective with time.

Unfortunately, until recently hypochlorous acid disinfectants have only been available to large organisations who are able to house an on-site generator.

However, PPF Disinfect is different to these other products.

PPF Disinfect is a Stable Hypochlorous Based Solution

PPF Disinfect has a 12 month shelf life without loss of efficacy. Both the EU biocides regulators’ Rapporteur Member State (RMS) & competent authority technical committee has validated this stability data.

With this stability our revolutionary product opens the market to customers with smaller volume requirements. This includes care homes, food producers, vets, stadiums, gyms, childcare settings, shops and restaurants. In fact, anywhere where it is imperative for customers and staff to work in a totally sanitised, Covid-secure environment.

Our advanced technology means that PPF Disinfect is not only highly effective & safe but also a stable product and continues to be 99.9999% effective at killing viruses and bacteria throughout its lifetime.

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