The Science

What makes PPF Disinfect so Good?

The science of disinfection is confusing. Terms like log kill rates and efficacy don’t help in explaining what is best for the average person.

Plus, everyone is claiming that their disinfectant is the best.

So, let’s explain what PPF Disinfect is made from so you understand why its such a good product.

PPF Disinfect is in Your Body Fighting Covid-19

Yes, that’s right. Our disinfectant is already in your body. Let’s explain why.

PPF Disinfect is actually a hypochlorous acid solution. Sounds nasty?

Well, you can relax. It’s not. We can tell you that HOCL (short hand for Hypochlorous Acid) is actually an amazing chemical compound and we literally can’t survive without it!

In fact, all mammals including humans make hypochlorous acid in their own bodies. We do this through our white blood cells in our blood and this makes this a very special chemical.

So Why Does our Body Make Hypochlorous Acid?

The reason our body makes HOCL is extremely important and fundamental to our daily lives. 

Critically, hypochlorous acid is responsible for our own healthy immunity system within our bodies. Plus, it regulates our body’s inflammation process and plays a central role in wound healing.

In fact, HOCL is the chemical responsible for our body fighting invasive organisms such as bacteria and viruses like Covid-19.

So, HOCL is a safe, human-compatible chemical that we can’t do without!

So How Does Our Body Actually Destroy Bacteria, Viruses & Other Organisms?

Watch this video clip of our healthy immune system in action to see how bacteria and viruses are destroyed in our body.

It shows a human white blood cell chasing an invading bacteria. When it eventually catches it the white blood cell swallows the bacteria whole!

To understand what happens next gets a bit beyond some simple biology.

However, in simple terms the white blood cell uses the HOCL to kill the bacteria. That’s our immune system in action!

PPF Disinfect is made of hypochlorous acid and mimics the human immune system when it fights viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms.

Why is PPF Disinfect More Effective Than Bleach?

First, understand that germs like bacteria and viruses are all surrounded by a cell wall that’s negatively charged. For well-known disinfectants like bleach this is problematic.

Bleach is actually made from a chemical compound called sodium hypochlorite. This is very different to hypochlorous acid.

Unfortunately, the molecule in bleach is negatively charged. Therefore, since germs are also negatively charged, they will repel the bleach molecules.

Since the two are being forced apart it makes it harder for them to work efficiently. In the end it takes much more time for bleach to destroy the organism.

Fortunately, hypochlorous acid molecules have a neutral charge and as a result germs don’t repel them. They can easily penetrate the cell wall of the germ where it can attack the internal structure.

This means PPF Disinfect easily destroys the organism and this is reflected in the fact that it is 80-120 times more effective than bleach.

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